BloomTech Referral Program - Terms

Our current learners and alumni are valuable partners in building BloomTech's future and we want to make it even easier for you to recommend your friends, family members, and colleagues who you think would make great BloomTech learners! As a thank you, we are reducing the tuition of a referred BloomTech learner by $1,000.

To qualify for the program:

  • Each current learner, alumni, and referred learner must meet all of the eligibility requirements below.
  • Eligible current learners and alumni must submit referrals through our Referral Form.
  • Referred learners must also include the same email address of the referring eligible alumni during the application process to qualify.  

To be eligible to refer applicants to BloomTech, you must:

  • Be a BloomTech alumnus, i.e. a graduate, or an enrolled learner

To be eligible to apply and attend BloomTech, referred prospective learners must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older prior to the expected start date
  • Be located in the United States 
  • Have not been previously referred by another person through the Program or otherwise previously enrolled in BloomTech
  • Learners must be referred by an existing student or alumnus prior to enrolling
  • Enroll in a BloomTech Web Development, Backend Development, or Data Science program.
  • Select Upfront or Deferred tuition option (referrals and discounts are not available to the ISA tuition option).  
  • Agree to and sign an enrollment agreement for the chosen program; and
  • Must enroll within 3 months of referral

Referred applicants have the same admissions requirements and process as all other applicants. Payment options for referred learners are the same regardless of referral and depend on geography and personal circumstances.

You certify that names and contact information you provide are for individuals you know and have expressed interest in a BloomTech program. You further agree not to solicit individuals you do not know or recruit individuals, and that you are not acting as an agent of BloomTech in any capacity.

A tuition addendum will be automatically sent to the learner via Docusign once an Enrollment Coach has approved it. It will amend the total amount of tuition owed in your original enrollment agreement. The learner will be required to review and sign the tuition addendum to receive the additional tuition discount.

Learners will sign the Referral Agreement after the Enrollment Agreement since it is amending their EA.

By participating you agree to be bound by these terms by BloomTech’s Terms and Conditions. Those terms and the Program may be modified at any time for reason without notice.

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