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Announcing September 2023 Fast Tracks!

September 10, 2023

Welcome to Fast Track Study Groups

We are excited to announce the Fall 2023 BloomTech Fast Track Groups! This immersive program spans four weeks and focuses on the core concepts of Web Development found in our track programs.

The Fast Track Groups aim to give you an in-depth introduction to your chosen field and get you on your way to a career in tech!

📅 When?

  • Orientation: Kick off your learning journey on Friday, September 15th, 2023
  • Classes Start: Time to dig into the program on Monday, September 18th, 2023
    • Classes will run in the late afternoons/evenings EDT/EST
      • Full Stack Web Development: 5PM PT / 8PM ET
  • Fast Track Complete This Fast Track wraps up on October 13th, 2023

🚀 Why You Should Join?

  • A Fresh Start!
    • Classes will run in the late afternoons/evenings EDT/EST
  • Consistency is Key
    • Every day, same hour, the same expert instructors helping you hit your learning goals.
  • We are Here for Yo
    • Dedicated support from learner assistants and instructors means you get help when you need it.
  • Sprint Challenges
    • How do you know you have succeeded? We have sprint challenges every week to accomplish and measure your progress.
  • Network & Thrive
    • An exclusive Slack community just for you! Connect, support, and learn together.

🎉 Exclusive Fast Track Features:

  • A Guided Path: A Distributed Study Plan/Syllabus/Schedule tailored for your track
  • Day 1 Orientation:The first class will be getting to know your instructor and fellow learners, setting up your computer, and giving you the weekend to prepare for your first class on Monday!

Weekly Fast Track Study Group Schedule:

(Sample, schedule shown in Eastern Time)

Fast Track Study Group FAQs

Q: What if I am unable to keep up with the Fast Track?
A: It’s okay! If you aren’t able to keep up with the Fast Track commitment, we have plenty of classes and world-class support to get you through the curriculum at your own pace. You can also work to catch up and re-join your fast track in the next sprint. First, understand this is a 30-40 hour/week commitment that may not work for everyone.

Q: What happens at the end of the 4 week Fast Track?
A: You will be 100% prepared to join our regular schedule where learners work at their own pace. When you leave the Fast Track Group, you will have formed excellent relationships with an instructor and your fellow learners. You will also have formed solid study habits that will ensure your continued success at BloomTech.

Q: If I fall behind, can I join another Fast Track Group?
A: Yes! There will be another one not far behind and you can join when that group reaches your sprint.

Q: I tried the Fast Track and it isn’t for me. Are there any repercussions in withdrawing from the Group?
A: Nope. You will still keep in touch with your friends from your group, and be allowed to work through our program at your desired pace. There are no repercussions in withdrawing from a Fast Track Group.

Q: Is attendance at the live, instructor-led classes mandatory? Can I participate in a Fast Track Group without attending
A: Live class attendance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended in order to get the full Fast Track Group experience. For example, learners can ask questions for clarity, etc, inside of a live class. We will record the classes and post them for reference in the Fast Track Group Slack channels.