Build your workforce with nontraditional talent

Save time, money, and resources on positions by partnering  with Bloom Institute of Technology. We advance your long-term goals by supporting your workforce strategy and diversity initiatives.  

You don’t need resumes and a candidate pool. You need a partner. We know our learners’ and graduates’ strengths, teamwork capabilities, communication styles, and technical capabilities, which enables you to build out your teams with just-right people – by letting us do the heavy lifting.

Hire Engineers

Find the right hires—fast.

BloomTech can transform the hiring process so you can continue to grow your business.

  • Build an immediate pipeline of pre-trained, pre-screened candidates
  • Host and organize hiring days to handle hiring surges,easily and quickly
  • Diversify your engineering and data science teams
  • Use your technical assessment to find candidates before they even apply
  • Reduce recruiting and hiring burnout
  • Provide a year-round candidate pool, independent of traditional graduation patterns
  • Host tailored info sessions to present and promote your brand to BloomTech graduates and career coaches
  • Fill early career, apprenticeship, and internship cohorts with exceptional talent

Hire for the skills you need

To learn more, see our Full Stack Web Development, Data Science and Backend Development programs.

Full Stack Web

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Redux
  • Python

Data Science

  • Python
  • SQL & Databases
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Deep Learning & ML Ops
  • Computer Vision & NLP

Backend Dev

  • Java
  • Data Structures
  • Testing
  • Concurrency
  • DynamoDB
  • Algorithms

What does a partnership with BloomTech look like?

A partnership with Bloom Institute of Technology is built on a mutual belief that by providing opportunities for nontraditional talent through innovative workforce strategies, we will leave lasting impact on our companies, graduates, and communities.

Our tiered annual memberships enable collaboration on your talent pipeline needs and opportunities to promote your brand through our ever-expanding network.

Partner with us

Dedicated BloomTech partner team to assist in building hiring profiles and source for candidates who meet your behavioral and technical expectations

Full access to vetted candidates and sourcing support

BloomTech-hosted prep sessions with eligible candidates so they are properly prepared for your interviewing process

Ability to post mid-level to senior roles in our alumni portal

Unlimited hiring days (for which we coordinate sourcing and scheduling)

Your company logo featured on our website as an elite hiring partner


$50,000 annual fee

Dedicated BloomTech partner team to assist in building 6+ hiring profiles and source for candidates who meet your behavioral and technical expectations

Full access to vetted candidates and sourcing support for 12 months

BloomTech-hosted prep sessions with eligible candidates so they are properly prepared for your interviewing process

45-minute presentation to our graduates on your company, fully organized by us

Ability to post mid-level to senior roles in our alumni portal

Your company logo featured on our website as an elite hiring partner

What hiring managers say

“BloomTech graduates are able to hit the ground running pretty quickly because of a lot of their hands-on experience, because they worked on some cross-functional teams and real-to-life projects..."

Logan McLain, Director of Professional Services at Kitestring

“The big difference between BloomTech and bootcamps is that BloomTech affords their students more opportunity to learn hands-on and in teams and intentionally diversifies their experience..”

Paul Chatterton, Director of Engineering at Divvy

Some companies that have hired from BloomTech

Walmart logo
CVS Health logoBerkshire Hathaway logoApple logoMicrosoft logoAT&T LogoKroger logoThe Home Depot logoGoogle logoComcast logoAnthem logoBank of America logoIBM logoCiti logoGoldman Sachs logoCisco logoLockhead martin logoAIG logoHP logowikimedia logoCharter Communications logoNike logoMerk logoWells Fargo logoVerizon logoTarget logoUnited Health Group logoMcKesson logoNorthrop Grumman logoBest Buy logoProgressive logoGeneral Dynamics logoOracle logoBlue Origin logoCapital One logoPlaid logoMemSQL logowayfair logoPrimer logoAmerican express logoMessari logoFont Awesome logoEventbrite logoMail chimp logoMX logoSoFi logoDivvy logoBig Commerce logoRed hat logoPodium logoVercel logoHubspot logoTwilio logo

How can we help you achieve your workforce goals?

Give us a call to talk through what you need. Let's see how BloomTech can help.


Hiring Company FAQs

What is your admissions process?
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Bloom Institute of Technology is your go-to for great hires – and that starts with our rigorous admissions process. 

All BloomTech learners are required to complete a series of aptitude exams from Criteria Corp. These are exams often used in employment and a high score usually correlates with success in school and when job searching. In addition to the aptitude tests, applicants for certain programs must complete a coding challenge as a way to introduce themselves to the basics of their chosen course. We require precourse work to further ensure an applicant is ready to learn, especially if they struggled on the coding challenge.

Certain applicants are also required to provide proof of having completed secondary education. For learners who are unable to show this documentation, an ability to benefit test is an option.

This process helps us ensure that everyone we admit has the aptitude necessary to thrive in the program and in their future careers as engineers, data scientists, and more.
Is my contract with you still valid?
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Yes. If you have an active contract with us, our commitment to you as a partner will not change. Our legal structure has not changed so no update to our contract is required. 
Has my point of contact changed? 
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No. You will continue to receive the same exceptional account support you have always had, including the same contact - you can reach them at the same email address with the new '' domain.  
Why did you rebrand? 
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We founded our company with the mission of offering an alternative to the traditional model of higher education so more people can start rewarding careers. We are more committed than ever to removing barriers that stand in the way of a better career and higher income. To better reflect our commitment to cultivating opportunity for even more people, we chose to rebrand to our new name, Bloom Institute of Technology. 

The many learners who are left out of or underserved by traditional higher education deserve an alternative path to financial mobility. BloomTech provides that. We train learners in the skills needed to grow their careers in technology and help them get a high paying job.  
Can I still hire graduates from BloomTech without paying the membership fee? 
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Yes. You can hire any graduate that applies directly to your job listing. However, if you are looking for BloomTech’s account team to source the candidates for you, there will be a membership fee.
Is there a place where we can view your graduates?
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Not at this time.
What has changed about my experience/expectations as a company looking to hire?
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You should expect to move away from transactional candidate experiences, and into a more vested partnership where BloomTech is helping to be a thought partner in how to mitigate your hiring challenges.  
What specific improvements have you made to be rebrand and have a membership fee?
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We have matured to where, as a partner, we understand that finding candidates is not the current average employer challenge. While we will still provide candidate support, we will also provide additional resources to mitigate your hiring challenges, such as BloomTech organized hiring days specific to you, info sessions to promote your organization, and dedicated sourcing resources only for your company.  
What makes BloomTech grads ready for a job?
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BloomTech learners are vetted right from the beginning for vigor and grit. Throughout the program our learners are not only experiencing team projects, tight deadlines, and other critical success factors, they are also being tested to show competency in specific skills. To be considered for certain opportunities, graduates must have shown competency in all viable skills.
When can we hire grads from your Backend Development program? 
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Our first cohort will graduate in June 2022. We expect to then have monthly cohorts ready for backend career opportunities.
How do we see what available graduates you have that could fit our open roles? 
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Our partnership team is dedicated to understanding your soft and technical needs, as well as any additional environmental factors, in order to supply you with a short list of strong candidates. When we have completed sourcing the strongest matched candidates for your needs, we will share their resumes and profiles directly with you.  
What curriculum do your grads go through? 
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You can refer to our course pages for Data Science, Full Stack Web Development, and Backend Development to learn more about our curriculum. If you'd like more information, please reach out to
Who should I contact to learn more about hiring BloomTech grads?
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You can reach out to Kristin Knight-Altieri, Head of Partnerships, at