Frequently asked questions

Why did you choose the name Bloom Institute of Technology?
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We chose the name Bloom Institute of Technology because of our belief that our learners can grow their careers and reach their goals. We are committed to cultivating opportunity for even more people so learners can jumpstart rewarding careers in tech.
How is the CareerFlow learning experience different from the previous BloomTech approach?
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The previous BloomTech model was based on cohorts driven by deadlines every four weeks. With the CareerFlow learning experience, learners can progress through the material at their own pace, moving on in the program by demonstrating competency in each sprint challenge and assessment. Learners can customize their schedule by attending live sessions, engaging with recorded lessons, and collaborating with teams in a way that works for them.

The CareerFlow learning experience adds even more live instruction, academic and career support, and hands-on opportunities to gain experience needed to launch a career in tech.
What does a vocational school mean? 
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The many learners who are left out of or underserved by traditional higher education deserve an alternative path to financial mobility. BloomTech provides that. We have expanded the typical vocational school model to include fast-growing careers in technology, and we emphasize the work experience, career coaching, and job search support to help our learners find careers they love.
Is Bloom Institute of Technology accredited?
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Bloom Institute of Technology is not an accredited institution. BloomTech is regulated at the state level as a post-secondary education institution.
What is the Risk-Free Trial?
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Beginning in July 2022, newly admitted learners will have access to our Risk-Free Trial. This 3-week period enables learners to experience BloomTech curriculum, platforms, community, and support so they are confident in joining our programs. Learners must select a tuition option, sign an Enrollment Agreement, and make any necessary payments before the end of the 3-week Risk-Free Trial period to enroll as a learner.
What is the CareerFlow learning experience?
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Beginning in July 2022, learners will progress through all BloomTech programs via our new CareerFlow learning experience. With CareerFlow, BloomTech is a live school, online, that adjusts to your schedule and your pace so you can launch a career in tech. Learners will be able to personalize their schedules with more live sessions than ever, learn in accessible classes, and accelerate or slow their pace as needed. The CareerFlow learning experience integrates our jobs curriculum into the whole program with experiential learning, Applied CS instruction, 1:1 coaching, and job search and networking skills. Our goals are to teach our learners the skills necessary to land rewarding jobs and to improve their financial futures, faster.
What if I do not complete the Risk-Free Trial in 3 weeks?
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Learners who do not sign an Enrollment Agreement and finalize their tuition by the end of their 3-week Risk-Free Trial will be withdrawn from BloomTech. If you wish to enroll in the future, you will need to submit a new application.
How soon can I start my course after I apply? 
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Applications are now open for start dates in July 2022. The next program start dates:
  • Data Science - July 18, 2022
  • Backend Development - July 19, 2022
  • Full Stack Web Development - July 21, 2022
How long will it take to complete my program?
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BloomTech is designed to enable you to progress through all our programs at your own pace. You may accelerate, slow down, and take breaks, so long as you adhere to our engagement and attendance policy. (See the FAQ below for details.)

You have a maximum of 7 weeks to complete the first 2 sprints and 18 months, beginning at your program start date, to complete your program. After 18 months you will be withdrawn.
Is attendance mandatory?
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Attendance and participation in BloomTech courses is measured in multiple ways, including but not limited to taking attendance in live instruction experiences, verifying module & sprint project attempts, and activity in BloomTech’s learning management systems, etc. While students may choose to attend live or view recorded sessions, attendance and engagement with the material is critical to success in the program. Learners who do not have activity on the learning management systems for more than seven days will be flagged as inactive, and BloomTech will reach out to verify enrollment. BloomTech may withdraw inactive students to protect them from unintentional further vesting of tuition.

Students who are unable to engage with the curriculum and make satisfactory progress due to extenuating circumstances may need to take a leave of absence.
When are live classes offered?
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During the week (Monday-Friday), live classes will be available in the morning (before noon), afternoon (noon to 5), and evenings (5 to 8). Classes will also be available on the weekend.
What if I do not pass a Sprint? Can I retake it?
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BloomTech’s approach to learning is focused on mastery-based progression which means it is designed to enable learners to progress through their program at their own pace. They move forward in the BloomTech curriculum by demonstrating mastery of learning objectives by passing sprint challenges and assessments. If learners do not pass at first, they can re-engage with the relevant learning materials and live instruction opportunities and re-attempt the challenge or assessment they did not pass. They can try as many times as they need to pass.
Will my program expire after a certain time period?
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Yes. You have 18 months from your start date to finish your program. 
When will the Web3 course launch?
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Applications will open soon! Sign up for our mailing list to be informed when applications open.

You can learn more about our course here.
Will Bloom Institute of Technology have physical/in-person classes?
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No, Bloom Institute of Technology will continue to be a fully remote school where our classes take place entirely online. Learners do not work out of a physical location, and instead can take classes from anywhere. 
How long do I get access to course materials?
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Learners will have access to materials and resources from their program, such as curriculum and projects, for 13 months after graduation. 
Can international learners access the new tuition options? 
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International learners may choose our Pay Upfront or Pay in Installments tuition options. International tuition is $15,000. Unfortunately, they will not be able to access our ISA or Outcomes-Based Loan options, nor will they qualify for our Tuition Refund Guarantee.
Will I have access to any student discounts through my student status? 
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At the moment, there are no student discounts available for learners. 
How does the Upfront Tuition installment payments work?
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Tuition installment payments will be the tuition split into three equal payments, but the timing and amount of each payment will vary depending on your program and state of residence. Please refer to our policy here for further details: Upfront Tuition in Installments
What is an ISA and how does it work?
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An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is one way to pay your BloomTech tuition. If you choose the ISA tuition option, you agree to pay a $2,950 down payment up front, and pay the rest of your tuition through 14% of your post-BloomTech salary for 48 months, but only once you’re earning an annualized $50,000 or more per year (or the equivalent of $4,166 per month). The ISA portion is capped at a maximum repayment of $40,000, so you won’t pay more than $42,950 total ($2,950 down payment + $40,000 ISA cap) under any circumstances. The ISA has a maximum deferment of 48 months (during which you’re not required to make payments if you’re making less than $4,166 per month) - in total, the maximum term of our ISA is 95 months.

This is our way of investing in you. We enroll learners we believe will be successful and, for learners who choose an ISA, you do not make any payments until you’re working in a job that pays $50,000 or more per year (or the equivalent of $4,166 per month). If your income ever falls below that amount per month, your payments will pause. You can learn more about our ISA tuition option here.

What is the Deferred Tuition? 
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The Deferred Tuitionis a popular tuition option that requires zero tuition up front and is covered by the 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee. The guarantee means that if learners follow the BloomTech job search program and don't get job offers paying at least $50,000 a year within a year of graduation, we will refund their full tuition plus pay an additional 10% of their tuition. (Terms apply.) Learn more on the Deferred Tuition page.
What is the Tuition Refund Guarantee? 
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The 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee means that if learners follow the BloomTech job search program and don't get job offers paying at least $50,000 a year within a year of graduation, we will refund their full tuition plus pay an additional 10% of their tuition. (Terms apply.) Learn more on the Tuition Refund Guarantee page.
Can my employer help pay for tuition? 
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Employers may help pay for tuition via our Full Upfront Tuition option (paid in a lump sum or in 3 installments), or help contribute to ISA or RIC monthly payments. To learn more about this option, please contact
Do I have to pay tuition even if I do not get a job in technology or coding? 
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Yes. Technology is a part of nearly every professional field. In fact, technical skills—including the ones learners gain in BloomTech programs—dominate the list of most-in-demand qualifications for jobs overall. That means that our graduates can apply skills gained at BloomTech to a wide range of careers, not only roles that traditionally fall in the tech industry. 
What will I receive to prove I completed the program?
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Once you have graduated, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for your program from Bloom Institute of Technology.
Why will employers hire graduates from a new school? 
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Note about how many graduates we have, where our grads work, context on not needing a 4 year degree BloomTech continues the tradition of having a strong curriculum and training that prepare learners to succeed in tech jobs. Employers recognize that our learners demonstrate determination and grit. Throughout the program, our learners work in ways that mirror in-demand jobs: team projects, tight deadlines, and shipping solutions. Employers also know that our learners are tested to show mastery in specific technical skills. Companies look to our graduates for highly qualified, ready-to-work job candidates.
Who can we contact if we have more questions?
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Please reach out to for any further questions.