How Long Does the BloomTech Admissions Process Take?

October 12, 2023

Step 1: Complete An Application

The application process for BloomTech involves several steps to learn about your motivations and eligibility. Along the way, we’ll feature success stories of learners who were once in your shoes and broke into tech with BloomTech’s help. We strongly believe you can be next, and completing the following steps will ensure you are well on your way.

We want to understand what brings you to BloomTech, your general education, and coding background. You’ll be asked to provide some preliminary contact information to set you up with an account, as well as personal information to ensure you’re eligible to participate in BloomTech’s fully flexible, learn-at-your-pace experience. The information we gather in this section will also help us understand what tuition options you’ll be eligible for. 

Finally, you’ll be asked to set up your password and provide an answer to a security question before you can access the free trial.

Step 2: Start Your Free Trial

Congratulations on starting your free trial! Unlike other schools, you don't have to wait for a group start date; with our rolling starts model, you can begin learning any time!

You have the opportunity to test drive the BloomTech learner experience with no financial commitment via our 3-week Free Trial. Your Free Trial includes access to:

  • Our Orientation course
  • Live events and Code-Alongs
  • Systems and tools you’ll use as a BloomTech learner
  • 1:1 support with enrollment coaches and learning assistants

Our Orientation course is self-paced and will give you a preview of life as a learner at BloomTech. You’ll gain effective strategies for remote learning, be briefed on our academic expectations, learn how to use the software and tools needed for your program, and understand how to get help whenever you need it.

Step 3: Sign Your Enrollment Agreement

Now that you’ve gotten a preview of life as a BloomTech learner, it’s time to sign your Enrollment Agreement.* Before signing, we encourage you to review our tuition options. You can also read through the BloomTech Catalog (your state-specific catalog was sent in an email) to make sure you understand and are willing to adhere to our policies, and to learn more about BloomTech’s style, structure, and approach to teaching the skills needed for the tech industry. Additionally, depending on the Learner’s state, there may be state-specific disclosure documents that need to be viewed and/or signed in their enrollment agreement envelope. 

*Additional state-specific admissions requirements apply to residents of California and Texas.

Step 4: Finalize Your Tuition Payment

It’s time to secure your spot as a BloomTech learner and accelerate your path to a career in tech! The last step in the process is finalizing your tuition payment, which must be completed (meaning all applicable payments have successfully been processed) within 3 weeks of starting your Free Trial.

If you elected to pay $0 upfront and apply for Deferred Tuition, or selected an Income Share Agreement (ISA), you’ll be directed to one of BloomTech’s financing partners to sign the appropriate contract. If you selected our upfront payment option, you'll receive an invoice via email. Congratulations—you’re on your way to a fulfilling career in tech!

Ready? Start your application today!