How Long Does the BloomTech Admissions Process Take?

January 29, 2021

Our goal at Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly known as Lambda School) is to teach you the technical and career skills you need to land a great job. Before you begin learning the most in-demand skills for your future career, though, you’ll need to spend some time on your application and Admissions requirements.

Depending on your level of experience before applying, your chosen track, and your preferred tuition option, the amount of time it will take you to complete the process may vary.

In this article, we’ll break down each of the steps in the BloomTech application process and give an estimate on how long each might take you.

Registration — 5 minutes

The first step is to create your BloomTech account. We’ll ask for your full legal name, current residence, and contact information, including your phone number so our enrollment coaches can reach out during the Admissions process. You’ll then select your course of study (Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, or Backend Development).

Please make sure that you’re always entering accurate and truthful information on your application. If you’re concerned about something like access to a particular tuition option that isn’t available in your state or country, it’s better to reach out to us and discuss your options rather than bend the truth.

Opt into Risk-Free Trial — 1 minute

Congratulations! If you’ve been admitted, you’ll get an email from us. If you’ve applied to our Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, or Backend Development course, the message will include a link where you can opt into our 3-week Risk-Free Trial with a single click. (Our Web3 Development course doesn’t include the Risk-Free Trial.)

Our Risk-Free Trial empowers you to test drive all we have to offer for 3 weeks—no credit card payments or deposits needed. We want you to experience our community, events, curriculum, and career supports firsthand before committing to a course. 

We believe testing us out is the best way for you to feel confident about joining BloomTech. Read all about what you’ll get with the Risk-Free Trial here

That’s it! You’re now admitted! Once you begin your Risk-Free Trial, you’ll have 3 weeks to make sure we’re a good fit. Once you decide you want to become an official BloomTech learner, you’ll have several more steps to complete. 

Experience the Risk-Free Trial — up to 3 weeks

It’s time to check out BloomTech’s Risk-Free Trial. The trial is designed so you get a taste of what it’ll be like to be a full BloomTech learner. During your trial, you’ll want to: 

  • Meet with your coach. Our coaches are here to help you make the most of your Risk-Free Trial, as well as your entire BloomTech experience! Schedule a 1:1 call with your coach to customize your Risk-Free Trial to your goals and experience. (This gives you a sense of the amazing, dedicated coaching you’ll get as a BloomTech learner!)
  • Attend events and Code-Alongs. We’re entirely online, and our flexible courses allow both full-time and part-time learners to thrive. We still build an amazing community! Meet your fellow learners, alumni, staff, and industry professionals during live events. You can also attend a Code-Along, which is a 50-minute live class where you’ll learn by doing. You’ll follow along with one of our expert instructors as you gain skills you’ll need in your future tech job.
  • Dive into your Orientation course. The Orientation course introduces you to your program and life at BloomTech. You’ll also have opportunities to begin building your skills, at your pace and on a schedule that works for you!

Everyone who opts in, regardless of whether they officially enroll in BloomTech, gets a full 3 weeks of our Risk-Free Trial. At no point do you need to make a payment or deposit to fully experience the trial.

If, however, you decide BloomTech is right for you and you want to continue learning with us beyond the 3 weeks, you’ll need to complete several more steps.

Note: Some states may have additional regulatory requirements.

Choose how to pay tuition — 30 minutes

Once you’ve tried out BloomTech and see firsthand how we can help you launch your tech career, you’ll need to decide how to pay for your tuition moving forward. You’ll be prompted to complete this step in the BloomTech Hub, where you’ll find everything else with the Risk-Free Trial (Orientation, signing up for live events and Code-Alongs, etc.).

You can learn more about your options by watching the tuition option videos in your Orientation, checking out our tuition options page, or scheduling a call with your coach to talk through which choice is best for you.

This step could take you just a few minutes; if you need more time to research your options, it could take you a half-hour or more. Make sure you carefully consider your financial circumstances and understand BloomTech's tuition options so you choose the best path forward for you.

Sign Enrollment Agreement — 15 minutes

At any time during your Risk-Free Trial, you can sign your Enrollment Agreement. We recommend you complete this step with at least 5 days to go before the end of your 3-week trial. (That will leave you enough time to complete final steps before the end of the Risk-Free Trial, with no interruption to your learning!)

The Enrollment Agreement details important school policies, so make sure to read it carefully. It isn’t long, so we expect you’ll be able to read and understand it in about 15 to 20 minutes. 

Signing the Enrollment Agreement unlocks the first 2 sprints of your course during your Risk-Free Trial. That means you can begin working your way through your Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, or Backend Development course right away!

Finalize Tuition — 30 minutes to 4 business days

To join BloomTech as an official learner, you’ll need to make any necessary tuition payments before the end of the Risk-Free Trial. Again, we recommend you start this with at least 5 days before the end of your 3-week trial. That’s because some tuition options take several days to complete.

If you want to begin BloomTech with no upfront tuition, you can apply for Deferred Tuition. If this makes the most sense for your financial situation, you’ll be taken to our partner Ascent’s platform to complete an application. This should take you between 15 minutes to a hour or more, depending on the information you need to provide, and if you are applying with a co-signer. (Make sure you are entering your legal name and the email address you used to apply to BloomTech.) 

From start to finish, it typically takes 4 days to complete the process to apply for and finalize Deferred Tuition.  

If you opted to pay tuition upfront or using a tuition installment plan, you will receive an invoice from our Finance team within one to two business days. The invoice will include instructions detailing how to pay your tuition or tuition installment. Let us know if you don’t receive your invoice or if you’re concerned about your payment reaching us before the end of the 3-week trial.

Take the first step to a new career

Whether you’re just beginning to dream about how a tech career could transform your life, you’re already talking to an enrollment coach, or you’re partway through the Admissions process, you’ve taken an important step. You’ve bet on yourself—and on your ability to build a better future. We are here to do everything within our power to help make those dreams come true. 

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