How to Apply to BloomTech [A Step-by-Step Guide]

November 16, 2020

The application process for BloomTech involves several steps to learn about your motivations and eligibility. Along the way, we’ll feature success stories of learners who were once in your shoes and broke into tech with BloomTech’s help. We strongly believe you can be next, and completing the following steps will ensure you are well on your way.

During the application process, we gather the following information:

1. Your Goals. In this section, we want to understand what brings you to BloomTech, your general education, and coding background. Be prepared to answer questions like:

  • What’s most motivating you?
  • What’s your coding experience?
  • What’s your preferred track?

2. Create an Account. In this section, you’ll be asked to provide some preliminary contact information to set you up with an account, such as:

  • Email
  • Phone Number

3. Your Planned Activity. In this section, we want to understand what makes you excited about BloomTech and, more specifically, how many hours of learning you think you’ll be committing per week to BloomTech. This information is critical to personalizing your trial with relevant pacing recommendations. Users who are successful commit at least 25 hours per week to learning.

4. Your Eligibility. In this section, we’ll ask you for additional personal information to ensure you’re eligible to participate in BloomTech’s fully flexible, learn-at-your-pace experience. The information we gather in this section will also help us understand what tuition options you’ll be eligible for. Some of the information we ask for includes the following:

  • Address
  • Age
  • US Citizenship Status
  • Education History

5. Onboarding. In this final section, you’ll be asked to set up your password and provide an answer to a security question before you can access the free trial

Once you’ve successfully applied to BloomTech and opted into your free trial, you’ll be dropped into your personalized free trial experience and on your way to starting your career in tech. Please note, any re-applicants, or applicants who are applying for their second free trial or more, will only need to complete the Your Goals and Onboarding sections. Before they can proceed straight to onboarding, they’ll need to confirm their email by submitting a recovery code in the activation experience

Once you’ve started the free trial, there are 3-4 additional steps you need to complete to finalize your enrollment with BloomTech:

1. Complete State-Specific Admissions Requirements. Most states do not require an admissions or enrollment assessment. However, learners in California and Texas are required to complete additional steps, including providing proof of education and passing an entrance assessment.

  • Texas residents must pass Wonderlic’s Ability to Benefit test. Prospects are allowed multiple attempts in the event that they do not pass the assessment on their first try. However, they must wait 5 days before attempting the test again.
  • California Residents are required to pass the Entrance Assessment, which is a 10-question quiz based on content learned in Orientation. Prospects are allowed multiple attempts in the event that they do not pass the assessment on their first try.
  • BloomTech does not currently admit or enroll prospects residing in Washington, D.C. or New Mexico.

2. Select a Tuition Option. Prospects must select one of BloomTech’s tuition options. The options available to an individual prospect may differ based on their state of residence (for example, Income Share Agreements are not available to CA or CO residents) or anyone residing outside of the US.  (internationals must select upfront tuition).

3. Review the Catalog. Prospects must review the BloomTech catalog to familiarize themselves with BloomTech’s policies and the program they are choosing to enter.

4. Sign an Enrollment Agreement. BloomTech’s Enrollment Agreement is a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of attending BloomTech, where the Learner agrees to the school’s policies that are laid out in the catalog,  and contains other important information including our refund policy. Depending on the Learner’s state, there may be state-specific disclosure documents that need to be viewed and/or signed in their enrollment agreement envelope.

5. Finalize Tuition. Prospects who select Deferred Tuition or a Income Share Agreement as their preferred tuition option will work with BloomTech’s external financing partners. We partner with Ascent Funding to offer our Deferred Tuition loan and Meratas to manage our Income Share Agreement. Each partner has a unique application and approval process that typically takes multiple business days to complete. If neither Deferred Tuition nor the Income Share Agreement is a fit for you, you can pay the tuition up front. The total cost of tuition is $21,950 for all states or $12,000 for international learners. You can pay the upfront tuition in a single payment or broken into 3 installments.

Activation Flow

Enrollment Flow