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Median salary for placed BloomTech graduates' first job after graduation

BloomTech 2022 Outcomes Report


Job placement rate for 2022 BloomTech job-seeking grads

BloomTech 2022 Outcomes Report

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The majority of 2021 BloomTech placed graduates work as developers/engineers. This field continues to offer opportunity, as it is projected to grow by 25% by 2031.

BloomTech provides a clear and direct path to a well-paying job. If learners follow the path, it leads to a great job.

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Pie graph of job titles for all placed learners (599 learners)

Developer/engineer: 67.3%, 403 learners
Other: 11.5%, 69 learners
Data scientist/analyst/associate/consultant: 16%, 96 learners
Project/product manager: 2.3%, 14 learners
UX/UI designers: 1.3%, 8 learners
Contractors: 1%, 6 learners
Instructor: 0.5%, 3 learners


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