Attend an upcoming event to learn more about our immersive programs, meet our enrollment advisors and instructors, and get insight into life at BloomTech!

December 14, 2021

BloomTech Admitted Learners Reception

5:00 pm
Casey Ramos, Hannah Leon, Melvin Thomas
You’ve been officially admitted to Bloom Institute of Technology – congratulations! Get to know your fellow classmates and Casey, Melvin & Hannah, your Enrollment Advisors, at the Admitted Student Reception. Learn about how to best prepare for class, what to do between now and your first day of class, and get all your final questions answered.
December 13, 2021

BloomTech Admissions Office Hours

12:00 pm
Hannah Leon
Drop in to Admissions Office Hours to ask any questions you have about the application process, the BloomTech entrance exams, and how to maximize your chances of being admitted to BloomTech!

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