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Take our risk-free trial and start gaining the skills you need to become a web developer or data scientist. With our 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee, if you graduate and don't get a job paying at least $50,000 a year within 365 days, we'll refund you 100% of your tuition and pay you an extra 10% on top.


Our graduates work for the world's top companies

We'll help you get hired. Our team will work with you throughout the program and after graduation to help you polish your portfolio, practice interviewing, and land a job that fits your specific needs.

Get the skills you need to get a job.

We work with employers to understand their needs, then teach you those in-demand skills. At BloomTech, you'll get the work experience to grow a rewarding career.

  • Take online classes with live instruction
  • Complete hands-on coding projects with personalized feedback
  • Get daily support with peers, staff and instructors
  • Practice professional skills that help you get hired
  • Gain 900+ hours of full-time coding hours
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Work in a team to build a real product.

BloomTech Labs is our "secret sauce." It's a part of our curriculum that gives you hands-on experience. Just like in a job, you will onboard, meet your team, and work together to build and ship a product.

  • Build a real product
  • Collaborate with students with complementary skills
  • Add real work to your portfolio
  • Participate in stand-ups and code reviews
  • Gain experience: Labs is your first job
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Graduate job-ready with the confidence to get hired.

We'll work with you throughout your program and after graduation to help you polish your portfolio, practice interviewing and more to land a job that fits your goals.

  • Work closely with our Career Coaches
  • Develop job hunt skills: networking, interviewing, negotiating and more
  • Connect to our exclusive network of employers
  • Share and get advice in our nationwide alumni community
  • Get ongoing career support as part of the BloomTech family

If you don't get a job, you won't pay BloomTech a penny.

We're committed to your success. For eligible learners, our exclusive 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee backs our confidence that our training, career preparation, and job search best practices will lead to a well-paying job in tech.

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