Earn more, faster: Applications open for the new BloomTech experience

May 18, 2022
BloomTech CareerFlow learning experience banner

Our newest initiative—the BloomTech CareerFlow learning experience—adds greater flexibility to our direct path to a well paying job. Applications open today to this new and even better version of BloomTech, which launches July 18.

When the pandemic hit, Danielle Korudu found herself at home with her two young children and with drastically fewer hours working in her customer support job. She remembers that her family was “financially strapped,” so while she wanted to find a new career, they didn’t have the resources for her to go back to college or earn a master’s degree.

BloomTech provided the answer. Danielle didn’t have tech experience but, with the support of instructors, career coaches, and fellow classmates, she completed a BloomTech online tech training program. Her family’s finances are stronger than ever, she loves her job as a data science consultant, and she is living as a role model for her kids. “It wasn’t until going to BloomTech that I was able to pursue that dream,” she says.

With changes I’m thrilled to announce today, BloomTech will help even more people like Danielle learn the skills employers want, at their own pace.

A more flexible path to a tech job

Like many other people who can’t make a conventional school schedule work, Danielle needed flexibility in her education. At BloomTech, she could train for a tech career and meet her other responsibilities.

During the day, Danielle took care of her kids; in the evenings, she learned live from  expert instructors. She completed hands-on assignments and worked on a team to build a real project on a schedule that worked for her and her family.

"I wouldn't have had the financial resources to put my kids in daycare. Having flexibility within the program was a make or break deal for me because I wouldn't have been able to do the program (otherwise),” she says. 

The BloomTech CareerFlow learning experience is our latest initiative to make our training even more impactful for people like Danielle. With this initiative, you can complete any of our courses while learning part-time or full-time. In other words, no matter your schedule, you can pursue a direct path to a well paying job. 

Could we make a huge difference in your life? Applications open today to this new and even better version of BloomTech, which launches July 18.

Below, I explain how we’re making BloomTech even better. 

More flexibility, more live instruction, more career support

The CareerFlow learning experience is woven throughout all BloomTech programs. So no matter if you enroll in Full Stack Web Development, Backend Development, or Data Science, you’ll get a seamless path every step of the way. 

We’ve streamlined everything from admission to post-graduation career support to help you achieve a life-changing milestone: the first job offer in your new tech career.

We looked closely at every aspect of the BloomTech experience so our learners get a well paying job—faster. This upgraded BloomTech education provides you:

  • Personalized, flexible learning. Customize your class schedule to fit your life, so you can learn part-time, full-time, any time! Choose when to access live instruction from experts, career help, and job search resources—with BloomTech support every step of the way.

    (Want to know more about how our flexible courses work? Watch this video!)
  • Curriculum you need for your future job. Learn the skills employers want through hands-on coding, working in teams, and building real products for real clients. 
  • 1:1 career support. Starting on Day One of your BloomTech program, you begin preparing for a successful job hunt. You’ll prepare for interviews, practice whiteboarding and technical assessments, build a resume and portfolio, gain the confidence to negotiate, and more. 

The entire BloomTech experience is designed for one thing: helping you get a great job. This approach worked for Nicholas Papenburg, a BloomTech grad who went from being a stay-at-home-dad to a software engineer.

“Honestly, 80 percent of what I'm going to be doing I learned directly at BloomTech, and the other 20 percent I learned from a BloomTech alum on a personal project,” Nicholas says. “So am I set up for this job because of BloomTech? Yes, I am. I'm ready to go.”

Pay for your education on your terms

For many people, earning a tech job salary is literally life-changing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are median incomes for the two most common roles BloomTech graduates land:

  • Software developer: $110,140
  • Data scientist: $100,910

Unfortunately, too many people are left out of the education opportunities that would enable them to enter these high paying fields. 

That’s why we work hard every day to expand accessibility to results-driven education.

We know that paying for your education isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. So we offer flexible tuition payment options, including Deferred Tuition. 

Deferred Tuition is our most popular tuition option—for good reasons. It requires zero tuition up front and is covered by the industry’s only 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee. (That’s right—no bootcamp or college offers anything like it!)

In a nutshell, our graduates get jobs—or we pay them. The 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee means that if qualifying learners follow the BloomTech job search program and don't get job offers paying at least $50,000 a year within a year of graduation, we will refund their full tuition plus pay an additional 10% of their tuition. (Terms apply.)

We can offer this guarantee because our program works. Everything we do is designed to get learners great jobs, faster. We built BloomTech to help graduates earn more. Period.

The latest update, the CareerFlow learning experience, is making that goal a reality for more people.

Do you want a well-paying job? I invite you to apply to the best-ever iteration of BloomTech. Applications are now open for the new learning experience, which begins on July 18.

I can’t wait for you to join us. 

Don’t keep your future waiting. Apply today.