BloomTech Pricing Updates Make Tech Education Possible For More Learners

March 23, 2022
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When Jason Long was a kid, he loved taking apart computers and trying to figure out how they fit back together. He was fascinated by technology but didn’t have many chances to follow his curiosity. Instead, his path involved dropping out of high school, getting involved in the criminal justice system, and becoming unemployed.

“I had no idea what my future was going to be. Deeply in debt, I knew the thing that I wanted, but I had no idea how to get [to my goals],” Jason remembers. That’s when he discovered BloomTech, which he describes as a “light for me at a time when I really needed it.” 

Jason enrolled in BloomTech’s Full Stack Web Development course. After graduating, he networked, shared the projects he and his teammates developed, and leveraged his newfound skills into a job. He is now a technical projects manager at Human Rights First, where he combines his skills with his passion for making the world a better place.  

Jason says, “Every day that I wake up and get to work, I don't even slightly doubt that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be and exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Now, nothing feels impossible.

We at BloomTech work every day to enable more people like Jason to transform their career path and earning potential. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring life-changing education within reach of more people, we’ve made some pricing updates. 

With these updates, more folks than ever will be able to choose among tuition payment options designed for the financial realities of people of all backgrounds. Fine-tuning options to pay for tech education drives our ultimate goal of enabling more people to land better jobs and earn more income.  

These are the pricing updates I’m most excited about, which are effective as of March 31, 2022. 

Learners across the U.S. have access to the Outcomes-Based Loan—and the 100% Tuition Refund Guarantee

We are incredibly excited to share that learners in California are now eligible to apply for the Outcomes-Based Loan. This means that the OBL is available for learners across the U.S.!

Learners who choose this tuition payment option can enroll with no up front tuition payment (separate from the Student Tuition Recovery Fund fee for California learners). We believe this lowers barriers to the kind of tech training that can transform learners’ lives. 

What’s more, the OBL is backed by our one-of-a-kind 100% Tuition Refund Guarantee. The guarantee gives learners the confidence that the skills they learn in BloomTech, plus the ongoing job hunt support they get from our career coaches, set them up to thrive in the job market. 

Here are the details: People who pay for BloomTech tuition with the OBL are covered by our 100% Tuition Refund Guarantee. These graduates who follow BloomTech’s job search program and still don’t get a job offer paying at least $50,000 a year within 365 days of graduation are eligible for a refund of their full tuition. (Terms apply.)

More people may be eligible for a loan provided by our partner Ascent Funding

Another exciting update: We have worked with our partner Ascent Funding to broaden who may qualify for the Outcomes-Based Loan (which, remember, requires no up front tuition payment). Now even more people may be eligible for the loan.

We’re incredibly proud of this update because not everyone who wants to jumpstart a career in tech has stellar credit—or credit history at all. 

By expanding eligibility for the OBL with Ascent Funding, we are helping remove obstacles on the path to a higher income.  

One of the most exciting parts of our work is witnessing how BloomTech graduates continue the impact in their own lives. Jason is an incredible example of paying it forward. 

He says, “I get to see my work have an impact on people. I don’t think there’s a better gift than being able to change someone’s life in a positive way. I’m getting to witness that firsthand and it’s amazing. I can hardly find the words.”

For all the details on our pricing updates, see the FAQs on our tuition options page.