BloomTech Mentor Hosts Student Meetup at DoorDash HQ

On Friday, September 27, one of our incredible student mentors hosted a walk-through of the DoorDash headquarters in San Francisco, California, for a small group of Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly known as Lambda School) learners. The event provided an opportunity for learners to meet each other in-person, network with fellow professionals, and get an idea of what it’s like to work as a developer for a startup that’s making big waves in the industry.

BloomTech learners attended a walk-through of DoorDash’s headquarters on September 27, 2019.

The walk-through event was hosted by BloomTech mentor Ali Mir, a software engineer at DoorDash. While we try to create as many opportunities for student-mentor networking as possible, this event was the first-ever student and mentor meetup at the workspace of a mentor.

BloomTech Mentors Student Meetup Team Discussion side view
Students had the opportunity to explore the DoorDash office and to ask questions about what it’s like working as a software engineer for a rapidly growing startup.

After the tour, students enjoyed a presentation and Q&A session by Mir, who spoke on breaking into the tech industry without a CS degree, and shared tips on preparing for and acing technical interviews.

BloomTech Mentors Student Meetup Presentation of Breaking into Tech
Students listen to a presentation by mentor Ali Mir.

Armando Canals, one of Mir's coworkers at DoorDash, also presented. He was not available to attend in-person, so students listened to his presentation, which was on breaking into tech without a degree, over Zoom conference. Because all of BloomTech’s classes are taught live through Zoom, it was a format that students were used to, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the experience of working for a company like DoorDash.

Students learn tips for breaking into the tech industry without a tech degree.

One of the best ways to find your footing in a new industry is to have someone to show you the ropes – a mentor who has been where you are and can offer advice and encouragement. That’s why at BloomTech we try to create as many opportunities as possible for students to meet mentors who can help them network and feel confident in their new careers. We appreciate Ali Mir for hosting us at DoorDash and for his willingness to help our students grow their careers and their confidence. 

BloomTech learners with mentor Ali Mir at DoorDash HQ.
BloomTech learners with mentor Ali Mir at DoorDash HQ.

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