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How BloomTech Career Support helps you get a job—faster

July 13, 2022
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When starting out in tech, the job search can feel overwhelming. You might wonder where to search for a job, how to find opportunities that meet your goals and match your strengths, or what to do when you get an interview. Thankfully, graduates of Bloom Institute of Technology know that you don’t have to brave the job search alone. 

At BloomTech, we know finding a great job in tech is your big, inspiring—and maybe slightly scary—goal. That’s why we’ve designed a truly integrated job search experience to help our graduates succeed. Through personalized job search support, we help our learners find a well-paying job. Our data-driven efforts are designed to help our learners land great positions faster and more easily.  

Our customized career services adapt to your timing, background, strengths, and previous experience. They work for people with little to no tech background as well as for people with plenty of coding in their past. Career support is woven into every aspect of our program so our learners get the exact support they need, when they need it. 

“Everything we do at BloomTech is designed to get you a job,” says Rachel Cohen, Senior Manager of BloomTech’s Job Search & Career Coaching Program. “You don’t have to be an expert in a resume, you don’t have to be an expert in a job search. We do all the heavy lifting to make the job search as easy, painless, and fast as possible.”

Let’s explore how BloomTech’s Career Support can help you land a job faster (and with fewer headaches).

1:1 career and technical coaching

At BloomTech, our career team provides learners with the tools and technical coaching to help you prepare for the job search process. 

“We show you what to do and truthfully, we do a lot of it for you” with resources, templates, guides, coaching, and more, Cohen says. “We stay with you every step of the way until you get that job.”

On day one of your course, career coaching begins. Career coaches spend time to understand learner's needs, strengths, and interests and provide personalized job hunt preparation including resume, LinkedIn, and portfolio support. Then they create a plan—including locating job opportunities, identifying contacts, and writing outreach messaging—that help learners start moving toward their career goals. There’s no wasting time with BloomTech’s career services!

Technical coaching will additionally prepare a learner for interviewing, which can feel intimidating if you’re doing it on your own. With the guidance of BloomTech coaches, though, you’ll always have opportunities to gain confidence and skills. Your career coach will always identify ways for you to keep up your job prep and job hunt momentum. 

"The biggest help was the career coaches reviewing my resume,” says BloomTech alumni Christopher Harwell, who became a software engineering consultant after graduating from our Full Stack Web Development course. “Getting 10 hours of technical interview prep, doing 10 hours of outreach, and submitting 10 applications per week was huge. I still use that framework to this day because it works." 

Customized job sourcing to find the right openings

At BloomTech, our career coaches are experts at knowing where to look to find the best jobs for our graduates. While we encourage you to look, too, you won’t have to spend hours and hours digging on job boards. We do the heavy lifting for you, including while you’re still working your way through your BloomTech course. That means even when you’re busy, you won’t miss out on finding great openings! 

After learners launch their job search (pre-graduation, of course!), career coaches send a fully customized and curated list of jobs. Along with this list, they’ll create personalized outreach messages you can send to people working at the hiring companies. (Keep reading to learn more about this and why it’s important.)

“We make sure you're seeing at least 10 jobs a week that fit your skills and background,” says Cohen. 

Custom outreach generator

The term “cold outreach” is enough to send shivers down your spine. After all, most people don’t love the idea of messaging a complete stranger. While emailing people you don’t know yet is a must for a successful job search, it’s not necessary for this step to be scary—at least if you’re a BloomTech learner. That’s because BloomTech’s career team has the tools to make it manageable and save you time. 

“Our data shows that an application sent without outreach is basically as good as not sending that application, so having outreach is just as important,” Cohen adds. 

BloomTech career coaches track down the right hiring team contacts for each of your applications. The outreach messages reflect your experience and skills you’ve gained at BloomTech to make your targeted applications more effective.

Just ask our graduate Jalpa Shah, who landed a well-paying job that was recommended by her career coach. Based on her skills and interests, her career coach found the position and a specific person to message. Then, using our custom outreach generator, her coach helped Jalpa craft an email for that person that hit the right tone and message. This meant Jalpa could stay focused on growing her tech skills, making a great impression, and ultimately get the job. 

Job tracker

At BloomTech, our job searchers succeed when they remain organized and motivated as they search. That’s why we’ve created a jobs dashboard that automatically updates your career coach so they proactively get you what you need at that stage in your search. 

This weekly tracker makes it easy to apply to jobs coaches recommend, hit your job hunt goals, and even schedule time with your coach. With the tracker you can save and organize jobs that interest you, create custom outreach messages, schedule interview prep, and more. In addition, the board relays data to your career coach about your job search, helping to optimize the process as you work together. 

“The board is your one-stop-shop for digging deeper into your job search and getting the support you need,” says Cohen. “This way you have a personalized job search based on our product data and live coaching support.”

Interview prep for every interview

Preparing to interview is key in landing a well-paying job. That’s why our career coaches are available for practice interviews at every stage of the job search process. In fact, you can prepare for every interview with our career coaches and you can practice for every technical interview with an engineer from the industry.

BloomTech career coach Shelby Schisler helps learners get comfortable talking about their experience before BloomTech, including relevant soft skills that may be transferable across industries.  

“Communication is a skill you need in the tech world since you'll be working cross-functionally with teams,” she says. “Whether you were a teacher for 10 years or you had service jobs in high school, those things are relevant to tech roles.” 

As a career coach, Schisler helps job seekers apply their knowledge and background to the types of questions they will be asked in the field. This way, learners can better understand how their previous experiences align with what potential employers are looking for.

Partners and alumni network

When job hunting, who you know can sometimes open doors you never knew existed. That’s why BloomTech accelerates your job search by finding opportunities with companies that are truly looking for grads just like you. 

Not only are graduates regularly recruited by our own alumni, but our Hiring Partnerships organization connects job seekers with companies large and small looking for the types of skills taught at BloomTech. 

Just ask alumni Carl Stimson, who entered the Data Science program at BloomTech in his 40’s in order to re-skill. Thanks to our Hiring Partnership program, he landed a job as a technology development program associate. 

“BloomTech really has it all,” he shares. “They lay out the tools you need and help you figure out how to work them. Of course this is a learning experience—no one else is going to learn it for you—but having that structure, foundation, and support is valuable.”

Offer Negotiation Support

Once you receive a job offer, our career support doesn’t stop there. We've got your back for the negotiation and will make sure you get the best possible compensation for that role. 

“When I received my job offer it was a great moment—I hung up the phone, reached out to my career advisor, and we negotiated my salary 10k higher. It was an amazing experience having that support,” says data specialist and BloomTech alumni Taylor Curran, who also studied Data Science.

Not everyone is automatically comfortable asking for a stronger compensation package. That’s where our career coaches help.

BloomTech alumni Kaseem Bradley, now an application engineer at Vanguard, initially wasn’t sure if he should negotiate the offer he received after completing our Full Stack Web Development course

“My career coach definitely gave me that extra push and let me know that it's okay to ask for more,” Kaseem says. 

BloomTech Labs

From the time you enroll until you are placed in a well-paying tech role, BloomTech career coaches are here to support you. At the same time, we know how critical it is to get applied experience in order to land your first tech job. That’s why our graduates officially begin the job search during BloomTech Labs.

In Labs, learners build real products on real teams for real stakeholders, and these products affect the lives of real people. Learners are placed in multidisciplinary teams using real industry tools and skills such as Agile sprints, team standups, and stakeholder meetings—things that can't be taught through static curriculum or by building the same project over and over.

Instead, as a BloomTech learner you’ll gain hands-on experience you’ll refer to in your interviews—experience many of our graduates say made the difference in landing job offers. 

“The difficulty in building things isn't just in writing code, but lies in the delicate craft of coming together with groups of people, communicating clearly, aligning with stakeholders, and solving problems in new ways,” says Frank Fusco, Lead Product Manager at BloomTech. “You need those unscriptable real world moments, tough conversations, unexpected bugs—that's how you build a real experience. That philosophy is woven into every aspect of BloomTech, especially in Labs.”

While you’re busy building real world projects for mission-driven organizations, our career coaches will keep you on track, support you with job opportunities, and make the start of your job search as easy as possible for you. What more could you ask for as you embark on your new career in tech?

Now that you know all about BloomTech’s end-to-end career support, are you ready to take the next step? Decide which of our programs best fits your background, experience, and goals by comparing our courses here.