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BloomTech helps provide a direct path to a high paying tech job—without the time commitments and financial risks of traditional higher education.

Our tuition payment options enable you to fund enrollment in BloomTech’s quality programs in a way that makes sense for your circumstances, needs, and ambitions.

It's time to work toward a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding. 

Save $4,000 on tuition with BloomTech's Back to School offer by enrolling before September 30th and selecting Upfront or Deferred Tuition.

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Note: All of our tuition options offer a "no questions asked" refund policy through your first sprint.


Get a job, or pay nothing

We are the only tech education company that offers a 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee. We’re so confident that our training, career preparation, and job search support lead to a well-paying job that we back it by a guarantee—that if graduates don’t get job offers paying at least $50,000 a year within a year of graduation, we pay them. (Terms apply)

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Which option is right for you?

You already have the motivation and determination to land a high paying tech job—and transform your financial future. Now it’s time to figure out how to pay for the programs that will get you there.

Enroll before September 30th and take advantage of BloomTech's $4000 Tuition discount, available to first-time learners residing in the United States that select Upfront or Deferred Tuition.

Please note: Our pricing options may vary by state. Upfront tuition is our only tuition option for international learners.

We accept credit cards

Wondering if you can use your credit card for payment? We got you!

General Tuition Questions

What happens to my tuition if I withdraw from BloomTech?
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We reduce the total obligation for people who leave BloomTech, based on the number of sprints started. The amount of your BloomTech tuition that has vested at the time you withdraw is dependent on the number of sprints you started in your BloomTech program. Tuition vesting schedules may vary by state, so please see your Enrollment Agreement for the most up-to-date information.

Regardless of your state of residency, you will owe no tuition if you withdraw within the first sprint of your BloomTech program.
I'm not a U.S. citizen or resident. Can I enroll at BloomTech?
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Yes, we welcome international learners from almost all countries at BloomTech! You will receive the same course available to United States based learners, with classes taught in English and live instruction taking place during United States business hours. International applicants have different tuition options than those available in the United States. Please apply if you are interested in learning about tuition options available to you.

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No matter which option you choose, you will be signing legally binding documents that will affect your finances. We'll do everything we can to help you feel confident about your decision.

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