Upfront Tuition Discount

If Deferred Tuition and Installments aren't a fit for you, you can pay the tuition upfront.

With upfront tuition, the total discount cost is $19,000 $13,500 for all states or $12,000 for international learners.


Our Tuition Refund Guarantee

If you choose to pay your tuition upfront or with Deferred Tuition, you may qualify for our Tuition Refund Guarantee. We’re so confident that our programs provide a direct path to a high paying job that we offer the following guarantee:  

If you follow our program and still don't get job offers paying at least $50,000 a year (or $4,166 per month) within 365 days of graduation, you don’t have to pay and we pay you.

That means a full refund of your tuition and an additional 10% payment to you. Learn more here.

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$19,000 $15,000 Total Cost

Tuition is divided into 3 equal, progression based installments of $5,000 each. Backed by our Tuition Refund Guarantee.

How it works

Deferred Tuition

Payments start after graduation

If you don’t get job offers paying a salary of at least $50,000 within 365 days, your entire loan could be refunded.

How it works

Upfront Tuition Questions

How much is tuition?
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When paying BloomTech tuition upfront, the total tuition cost is $19,000 $13,500 (not including applicable fees, if any) for all states or $12,000 for international learners.
How do I pay tuition up front?
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Once you are enrolled and have selected the upfront tuition option, you will receive an emailed invoice that you can pay by ACH, wire, credit card, or check. To make an ACH payment use the link in your invoice email. To make a wire or check payment, follow the instructions in the invoice email.

Depending on your U.S. state of residence, you may be able to pay your tuition in a single lump sum payment, or in multiple payments, but the full amount or your first payment must be paid after you sign the Enrollment Agreement and by the payment deadline before your first day of class or you will not be able to start.
Am I eligible for BloomTech’s Tuition Refund Guarantee if I pay full upfront tuition?
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US-based learners who pay for BloomTech with full upfront tuition (lump sum or installments) and graduate are eligible for BloomTech’s Tuition Refund Guarantee. At this time, international learners are not eligible for the TRG. 
Can I make payments from different accounts?
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Yes. If you are making an ACH payment you can use the same invoice link to make multiple payments. If you are paying by wire transfer you can make multiple transfers from different accounts, but make sure to reference your name and invoice number. If you are paying by check you can write multiple checks from different accounts, making sure to reference your name and invoice number.
What happens if I withdraw or am withdrawn?
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If you withdraw or are withdrawn, you may be entitled to a tuition refund, as documented in your Enrollment Agreement. Your maximum refund can only be up to the amount of tuition you've actually paid.
When should I expect my refund after I withdraw or am withdrawn?
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Someone from Financial Services will reach out to you to get any information necessary to process your refund. Your refund will be issued within forty-five (45) days of your withdrawal date.

For all other questions related to upfront tuition, please contact the front desk via The Hub or email

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